Surgical Dermatology

Surgical Dermatology Service Overview

Thanks to advances in medicine in general, breakthroughs in dermatological research, and innovations and modernizations of surgical instruments, Nyanda Dermatology can perform minimally invasive procedures with local or regional anesthesia in-house.  And by not having to put our patients totally “out” and by using state-of-the-art surgical instrumentation and local anesthesia, we can substantially diminish your recovery and healing time.  Less chance of infections.  Quicker return to your everyday activities.  Additionally, when procedures are performed in our offices instead of a hospital, it is much more convenient for our patients, and more cost effective.

At Nyanda Dermatology we are concentrating on improving or repairing the appearance of your skin. But we offer so much more than cosmetic appearance enhancements. Dermatologists typically focus on non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures.  We are not plastic surgeons.  We are specifically trained in the health of the skin on your entire body.  We are fully licensed and board certified.  

Reconstructive surgery, eliminating scars of all shapes and sizes, removing tattoos, diagnosing melanomas or skin cancer, removing basal cell carcinomas are just a few of the surgical options we offer.  Here are some more:

  • Correction of acne scarring
  • Chemical peeling
  • Soft tissue fillers
  • Botox® Injections
  • Skin cancer treatments
  • Hair removal/hair restoration
  • And more

Dr. Nyanda has a thorough understanding and years of experience in caring for the skin and all its parts. Because the skin is the largest organ of the body, it takes the most abuse. Sun, heat, wind, sweat, bruising, cuts, the abuse goes on literally, forever.  

Consisting of water, protein, fats, and minerals, the skin also includes the nails, hair, sweat, oil glands, mucus membranes and veins.  Your skin protects your body from environmental pollution, germs, and airborne or contact chemicals. It contains nerves that help you feel sensations like touch, hot, cold and pain, and it regulates your body temperature.  Your skin, in addition to being the largest organ of the body, is also the heaviest!

Could You Have Skin Cancer?

Years of being outside in the sun, especially here in Florida, put skin cancer at the top of the checklist for most dermatologists.  According to the esteemed Cleveland Clinic, “nearly one in five people develop skin cancer sometime in their life.” 

But skin cancer, if diagnosed and treated early, is about 99% curable.  Those are pretty good odds and that’s why annual dermatological checkups are so important.  At Nyanda Dermatology, we examine or patients from head to toe.  We look for odd-shaped moles, skin discoloration, raised bumps, new growths or anything that looks like it doesn’t belong on your skin.  

Skin cancer is mostly discovered in areas that are consistently exposed to the sun and dangerous UV rays over time.  So, we carefully examine your face, scalp, lips, ears, neck, chest, back, hands, arms, and legs.  We even check in between your toes.

If any pre-cancerous conditions are discovered on your skin, Dr. Nyanda will recommend immediate treatment and she will continue to monitor the issue over annual or bi-annual appointments, depending upon the severity of the skin cancer.  

But most importantly, you need to be aware of any changes that take place on your skin. If you have any of these warning signs, you should contact Dr. Nyanda’s office immediately to set up an appointment:

  • Changes in appearance of a mole or wart
  • Post-mole-removal irritation to your skin
  • Persistent pimples or sores that don’t heal
  • Impaired vision
  • Scaly or raised patches of skin
  • Persistent itching
  • Fingernail or toenail changes

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